Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Happened To All The Posts.

All my previous reviews and post are gone.

So not happy about this. I was trying to privatize them so I could update a few for different reason and I guess that I accidentally deleted them. 

Literally every single one of them.

Now I can look at this in one of two ways I have figured.

The first is that I can be super upset and give up for a while.

The second is that I can be happy that it happened. The reason being I was missing reviews for books and I wanted to try to write better reviews for the books I had read.

Clearly I am taking the second option because I don't want to be upset so much to the point I just give up.

I haven't been reading much lately and there are a few books that I had read that have sequel books coming out. I tend to want to read the books in the beginning of the series again so that I can refresh my memory. So this works.

Now my goal is to make sure that I stay up to date on reviews of books. I might try to post different book related things, I just am unsure of what people would like to see. I need to figure that part out.

Until next time...

Happy Reading!

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